Art & Design 

Woodrow can work with you to design the highest quality and most eye-catching artwork for your label and signage needs. We can also accept your existing artwork.

Artwork Specifications

Please observe the following criteria for screen printed parts:

  1. LINE WIDTHS: need to be a minimum of .007"
  2. COLOR TRAPS: need to be a minimum of .01"
  3. HALFTONES: need to be no finer than 55 DPI

You may send us files in any of the following PC compatible or Mac formats:

  • Corel Draw version X7(17) or older (.cdr)
  • AutoCAD compatible .dxf or .dwg thru version 2013
  • Adobe Portable Document Format through version 9 (.pdf)
  • Adobe lllustrator versions 1.1 thru CS3 (.ai, .eps)

For digital printing, in addition to the file types listed above, you may send picture files in these formats: bmp, jpg, tif, gif, Corel Photo-Paint (cpt), & Adobe Photoshop (psd). To prevent font substitutions, please convert your text to curves or paths, depending on your application. Also, please send an accompanying PDF file or fax (937-399-0464) a printout so that we can compare it with the file and make sure the file transferred correctly.

Waterjet Cutting Artwork Specifications

General information: DXF files are used to make the path for the waterjet cutting. Please observe the following criteria for waterjet parts

  1. Do not use splines when making your CAD drawings--this results in us having to redraw it using simple lines and arcs, therefore increasing your setup charges.
  2. Do not have multiple layers, and purge all blocks.
  3. When sending letters to be cut on the waterjet, whenever possible, use TrueType fonts (we may ask you to send the font file). These can be directly entered into the pathing program and will minimize the setup time. Also, be sure to let us know how tall the letters should be so we can verify our settings.
  4. Let us know the type of material, in addition to size and thickness to prevent doing two layouts. We have to path your drawings for a more accurate quote, and if we know the sheet size at that time, we won't have to rearrange the layout to run parts, which could increase your setup charges.
  5. Do not use the edge of the sheet for any part edges. We need to be able to cut all around the part.
  6. Make sure your parts do not exceed 109 inches x 59 inches. Although we can accommodate larger material, we cannot cut longer than that in one pass.

You may send files via e-mail to: [email protected] Please send the file as an attachment to your e-mail message.
Mail a CD or DVD to:

Woodrow Corporation
P.O. Box 1567
4300 River Rd. Springfield, OH 45501

lf you have any questions, please call Sandi Justice in the art department at 937-399-9333 ext. 217.