Screen Printing 

Screen Printing uses a stencil-like screen to produce long-lasting printed pieces. The screen is made of mesh that ink can pass through. An impression is made on the screen that allows ink to pass through only the areas that are to be printed (the holes in the rest of the mesh are chemically treated so that ink is blocked). Ink is forced through the screen with a rubber squeegee onto the surface that is to be printed. The piece is then exposed to UV lights that cure the ink.

Screen Printing produces brilliant, glossy colors that are opaque. lt is water and weather proof and can be used inside or outdoors. Resistant to chemicals and abrasion without lamination, Screen Printing is ideal for banners, t-shirts, poster, yard signs -anything that needs to be durable and lasting.

  • First and Second Surface Printing
  • UV and Conventional Ink Systems
  • Selective Texturing
  • Continuous and Selective Adhesive Application
  • Film Overlamination and Premasking
  • Surface Embossing/Debossing
  • Close Tolerance die-cutting
  • Polyurethane Doming
  • Multiple Color Web Screen Printing
  • Photo-optic Registration
  • UV and Conventional Ink Systems
  • In-line Laminators, De-bossers, die-cutters, Matrix Removers, Sheeters/Rewinders
  • Off-line Web Inspection/Rewinders and Slitters


Comprehensive product engineering, precise production methods and the technical expertise of our team members assure that our customers’ quality expectations are met.