Waterjet Cutting 

Cut Your Parts... Faster & Better

Woodrow cuts high tolerance and intricate parts for: aerospace, automotive, medical, power generation, mining, rail, machinery builders, tooling components, fixtures, prototype parts, tool and die, mold parts and more!

Our waterjet technology, engineering staff, and convenient location offer you many benefits to achieving high quality and affordable finished parts—fast!

We can cut virtually any material, from thin plastics to metal up to 6” thick, while reducing waste, machining and finishing time:

  • Small or Large Parts up to 5’ x 8’
  • No Distortion –better part quality
  • Finished Edges –no edge finishing required
  • No Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ) –no induced stress and better appearance
  • Fast Setup –less overall cost
  • Accurate Cutting –reduced waste

Have a part you would like evaluated for waterjet cutting? Contact us to discuss your project.